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Darkness Is Falling



The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 212 - False Hope!

  - 1:10:14

Within the last few weeks it has become clear that we have entered PHASE 3 in this WW4 Medical Inquisition as the Roman Beast World Government has begun what appears to be a relaxing of restrictions in SELECTED COUNTRIES in this FAKE Virus and Vaccine Medical Inquisition. I could see something was happening, something was changing but was trying to figure it out. Talk of VIRUS ENDEMICITY and END OF THE PANDEMIC has been popping up in the Beast World Media in many places. What is going on? What is the Papal Beast doing? Suddenly there is a DEAFENING SILENCE on the original threat of “EVERY LIVING SOUL MUST BE VACCINATED.” What is looking like a REVERSAL! Is it true? Has the Beast changed his mind? Once again let me ask you the question. Can prophecy be changed once written? NO IT CAN’T! Learn more at: How To Get Born Again and Become A Child of God! Following Jesus Christ & Counting the Cost! The Holy Spirit The Roman Catholic “Mark Of The Beast” The Jesuit Vatican New Age Deception Rumble - Darkness Is Falling Video Series Instagram - darknessisfalling.truth BitChute - Darkness Is Falling






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February 11th 2022  

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