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Darkness Is Falling



The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 221 - MOTB!

  - 1:28:04

In this video i want to take a look at the Mark Of The Beast, maybe a final overview and bring the facts full circle after posting many videos about this for more than 21 months. Looking back, many things have become very clear over the last 2 years. This Fake Virus and Vaccine Pandemic has actually given many people time to SEE through the Jesuit program of MARKING the whole world population with their CV19 series of nano tech INJECTIONS. Miraculously God has allowed us TIME to SEE and KNOW what the BEAST is doing and to PREPARE for and WARN many of the DECEPTION. Some are listening. Many refuse to believe even when presented the facts. We DO KNOW that the final MARK IMPLANT will be administered with a Micro-Needle PATCH IN THE BODY as the scripture says and i will show in this message why that is the only reality. *** Important Note: Date posted should read April 5th NOT March 5th! Learn more at: How To Get Born Again and Become A Child of God! Following Jesus Christ & Counting the Cost! Face Book - Darkness Is Falling Video Series Rumble - Darkness Is Falling Video Series BitChute - Darkness Is Falling Instagram - darknessisfalling.truth “Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record vaccination” - 2019-12-18 Science Translational Medicine Journal Volume: 11 Journal Issue: 523; Journal ID: ISSN 1946-6234 The Roman Catholic “Mark Of The Beast”






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April 5th 2022  

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- half a year ago  

Another excellent video brother William! This series has to be the most comprehensive, relevant, biblically sound and anointed piece of work to date! You are a TRUE watchman blowing the trumpet in this final hour of human history and great will be your reward in heaven! Thank you for your commitment and sacrifice for such an important mission of sharing the truth and furthering the Kingdom of God in this backslidden apostate age we are living in! It has been an honor getting to know you! Keep fighting the good fight of faith! Your dear friend and brother in the Lord...Joe


- a year ago  

Amazing he can see part of the reality while being a judas goat POS!


- a year ago  

The Biblical Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you, your false railing accusation, and skulduggery. The God of heaven will have you in derision. TEMPUS FUGIT!


- a year ago  

Great presentation!

Darkness Is Falling

- a year ago  

Thank you and God bless you! Please share if you can!