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Darkness Is Falling



The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 146 - Trouble With Rats!

  - 45:43

In this video i want to talk a bit more about what is shortly to come to pass. I have already mentioned this in a few preceding videos but this is a topic on its own that needs to be looked at in a little more detail. I will be reading in total a short article written by Mike Stone for Henry Makow Blog titled “Why Do People Snitch?” What he means in vulgar terms is “Why do people become RATS, TURNCOATS or TRAITORS to their family, friends and neighbours?” The Jesuits have set up a worldwide scenario where many people will become and already ARE complicit with their JAILERS and for reward, whether material or from personal vindictiveness will REPORT people they know and people they don’t know who are guilty of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This behaviour has occurred on a widespread scale in societies many times in history while under Roman control or influence. In the Bible this is called, “Bearing False Witness.” There will be a terrible punishment at the judgement for those who engage in this behaviour for whatever reason. There is NO EXCUSE for RATTING on anyone UNLESS they have committed a serious criminal offence resulting in SERIOUS HARM or DEATH to others! That is an ALTOGETHER DIFFERENT STORY! Learn more at: How To Get Born Again and Become A Child of God! Medical Freedom Alliance - Compilation Of Doctor’s Warnings The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire Video Series - Six Pages - 153 Videos Rumble - Darkness Is Falling Video Series






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