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Darkness Is Falling



The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 217 - Full Counsel!

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In this video i want to take a look at the “Full Counsel Of God.” What does that mean? Do you fully understand God’s “Full Counsel?” The apostle Paul declared to the elders of the Ephesian ekklesia or congregation in Acts 20:25-35 “For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.” For those of you professing to be Christians i want to ask you, “Has the full counsel of God been declared unto you?” Time and again people write to me and it is clear by their comments that they have NEVER heard the full counsel of God from anyone because of their lack of understanding of even basic Bible principles. The avalanche of Luciferian Jesuit doctrines into the so called protestant churches over the last 50 years has virtually destroyed any understanding of what the full counsel of God is. What passes for Christianity today has little to do with the real thing as demonstrated in the Book of Acts. Learn more at: How To Get Born Again and Become A Child of God! Following Jesus Christ & Counting the Cost! The Holy Spirit The Roman Catholic “Mark Of The Beast” The Jesuit Vatican New Age Deception Face Book - Darkness Is Falling Video Series Rumble - Darkness Is Falling Video Series BitChute - Darkness Is Falling Instagram - Darkness Is Falling You Tube - Darkness Is Falling channels 1+3






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March 11th 2022  

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- a year ago  

Hi Brother William I have spoken to a pastor at a local Baptist Church in my town and I am preparing to write my testimony in preparation for Baptism of the Water. May you please give me advice on structuring a testimony. I am willing to disclose everything about my life , just I have poured out my sins in mournful prayers from the heart to Jesus Christ in repentance. I have never anything like this since my preparations for false 'Communion' and 'Confirmation' in teenage years in the Roman Catholic Church, and want to do things right in the sight of God this time. The pastor told me email it to him, but I am being paranoid about it being shared with others or Google GMail scanning it (knowing what I know now about surveillance). I am also writing it on paper as I am meeting with the pastor on Sunday afternoon to discuss with him. Not sure how to go about this. Would appreciate your guidance.


- a year ago  

Excellent video brother! Yes, we have to cooperate with God and those who are led by the spirit are sons and daughters of God. I believe the apostacy and the falling away that we are seeing are from those that Paul warned for us to turn away from, those who have a form of godliness but deny the power there of. We need a continual filling and renewing of our innerman and our minds by the indwelling of the spirit of God! May our Lord continue to bless you richly with revelation knowledge of His word!!!