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Darkness Is Falling



The Jesuit Vatican Shadow Empire 223 - 1919!

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In this video i will attempt to reveal the absolute truth in an overview of the world changing event between 1917 and 1920 known today by the false title of the “Spanish Flu Pandemic.” This event was THE trial run by the Jesuit controlled International Sanitary League Conferences in releasing the fictional lethal “Virus” IDEA into the popular mind reinforced practically with deadly killer vaccines. The goal of the Jesuits was to vaccinate American and European soldiers with new vaccines under the pretext of protecting their lives from the threat of new diseases that were sure to emanate from the horror of trench warfare during the 1st World War. When the regime of two separate INJECTIONS called “The Double Blow” sickened the soldiers, it was then blamed on a mysterious virus called H1N1 that emanated from a number of places, which is still disputed by epidemiologists. This person to person “Transmissibility” myth propagated then and through the 20th century keeps the Virus Fiction alive today. Learn more at: How To Get Born Again and Become A Child of God! "The 1918-19 Spanish Influenza Pandemic and Vaccine Development" September 26, 2018 Denial Of Claims That Vaccines Caused the Spanish Flu by the CDC April 1, 2020 Horrors Of Vaccination - Charles M Higgins - 1920 The Poisoned Needle - Eleanor McBean - 1957 Vaccination: The Silent Killer - Ida Honorof & Eleanor McBean - 1977






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April 19th 2022  

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- half a year ago  

One more highly popular false 'Truther' on YouTube is Russell Brand who heavily promotes New Age, humanist and ecological 'nature' worship to his viewers as a solution to the crisis. He has lots of masonic tattoos, puts a giant 33 on his channel logos, and has never criticized Freemasonry, Roman Catholicism or Jesuits. I believe he is also one of these 'limited hangouts' deliberately dangled before people to give the illusion of finding the full Truth through him. He has unconvincingly denied his involvement with Freemasonry on multiple occasions, when confronted by his viewers.

Darkness Is Falling

- half a year ago  

Hi Orinoco I hope you get this. You are absolutely right. Brand has a fair bit of traction in SM. There are quite a few of these puppets and they form a "collective" front online misleading many people! He could NOT be doing what he's doing without HELP from behind the scenes. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out. God bless you!


- half a year ago  

Russell Brand Is a Reptillian. Just watch One of his Videos and Screen shot when he makes his eyes big. They have Slits.