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The final proof-Italian Supreme Court Public Defender about LEONARDOS role in vote switching

  - 2:23

At 13:00 EST, the National Military Central Command will take control of the entire police force, judiciary, and all television and radio networks in the United States through its computer at Castle Rock 1 (Cheyenne Mountain). At the same time, three divisions of the army specializing in electronic warfare will take control of the premises and servers of Google, Facebook and Twitter in Silicon Valley. [unable to verify information. Time will tell!] Some DemoCRAPs deny the fact the election in the US was STOLEN by both internal elements, and EXTERNAL ones , working in tandem. The VIDEO proof, hundreds of people's evidence, and THIS, is a clear cut proof. I am not into politics. BUT this is the ultimate betrayal of all human values, and decent people of all views HAVE to recognize it, or lose face. Stay ahead of the game!!! This is the BEST resource for the awaken! “Newtube/Darek” video channel has Over 740 videos library. All FREE ! Please copy URL, and post wherever you see fit! Subscribe to get notifications as new videos get posted. Educate your loved ones and friends! Copy the URL, and send them. This can mean a life saved. God bless!






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January 9th 2021  

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