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More proof of her death Nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover found on Ancestry .com

  - 3:16

Heavy cover up! the nurse I posted the news about, died 10 hours after injection. 30 years old! BEWARE!!!! Stay ahead of the game!!! This is the BEST resource for the awaken! “Newtube/Darek” video channel has Over 670 videos library. All FREE ! Please copy URL, and post wherever you see fit! Subscribe to get notifications as new videos get posted. Educate your loved ones and friends! Copy the URL, and send them. This can mean a life saved. God bless!






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December 29th 2020  

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- a year ago  

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- 2 years ago  

She has passed. This is horribly tragic. Tell everyone you can to never take this poison. The Vax is a way to depopulate the Earth, steralize woman, as well as manipulate your DNA, using nanotechnology, which allows your body to be manipulated, tracked and, monitored with 5g technology. This is the New World Order we have been warning about for many years. And yes Trump is in on it. We need Trump zombies, to wake from their cult like trance and, join the fight. Both Biden and Trump are owned by Zionists. Time to wake up and confront your fears, you must realize that everything you thought you knew of this world, was a lie. Take care. Peace


- 2 years ago  

nurse not quite dead


- 2 years ago  

I see ... she did not die right away like most people including me thought. Most videos ended with out showing the interview after she woke up. Not taking the vaccine anyway.


- 2 years ago  

Minutes after she passed out. She is dead.


- a year ago  

DeKalb county records listed her as dead shortly after this incident took place. I saw those records with my own eyes. The record of her death has since been removed, but it was originally there.