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How to read Prague Astronomical Clock - EASY explanation from Prague guide

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How to read Prague Astronomical Clock - SHORT and EASY explanation o===(----Intel---I don't know---------- Image search from Ducky,, look how many wow!! is it the mandela effect or just been hush hush, hidden? Because i would have run into this in my walk through life. I remember like up to 7 of these clocks remaining and a few Astrolabe's and the antikythera mechanism.? o===(--------Who Else would do such things------------- The Mystery of Prague's Golem | The Most Famous Prague Legend o===(-------I don't know-------------- The Truth About Child Abduction Statistics in 2023, 2300 children are reported missing daily in the US 2300 children for the USA per day, huh. Seems a bit high don't you think? Because that works out to be 46 children per state per day.. And I am not hearing the Parents out there, nor am I seeing anything like that in the News, mainstream & alternative and believe me I keep looking for evidence and facts of any kind. There could be maybe 2 or 3 in some states per day, but 2300 everyday? No, no something doesn't add up, what you say? Is your state like say Californication seeing 46 children stolen every day? Because I might believe it for Fallen Angels Town. o=====||»»»»»»»VICTORY»»»»»»»»»»»» Live-Audio Scriptures for America Scriptures for America Get baptized Acts 2:38 -|- Mark 16:16 JudeoChristianism WARNING--->






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September 10th 2023  

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- a week ago  

This is superb! Babylonians didnt count night time ? thats crazy. Great Upload thanks for sharing