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Beast system attacked the Sky Dome above - links

  - 3:07

The devils sons have attacked Heaven, like trying to shoot at God. The WORD of God explains that there is water above and below. Heaven has levels, the Firmament is beyond these devils ability to destroy, God laughs at these rebels. If you study enough you will discover what i just wrote is truthful. To God be the glory and His will be done. 2nd Chronicles 7:14 IF my people whom are called by my Name --> Christ,, repent and,, --> Live player ---> ----INTEL---- American People Can't Be Bought' - MI-3 Congressional Candidate John Gibbs Takes Down RINO Meijer Need huge Revival's for Christ Jesus, throughout the land, Glory to God ! By those of us, that know our God and obey, even Acts 2:38 repentant and fearless. -------------- Climate Emergency | Why Did John Brennan Say, "The Technology's Potential to Alter Weather Patterns & Benefit Certain Regions of the World at the Expense of Others?" [SAI] weather warfare is already here, have you seen the clouds lately? --------- Shedding Are The Jabbed 'Vaccinating' The Unjabbed? Jane Ruby- Dr Welbergen ------- NAVAJO RANGER JONATHAN DOVER - SKINWALKERS, UFOS, BIGFOOT Armor on and discernment required, yet there is some real truth within. Aliens are alien but just manifestations from hell and demonic spirits deceive with evil powers from the adversary. --------- search engine alternative






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August 3rd 2022  

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- 3 days ago  

The TV and Ozone Layer attack - now global warming/climate change nonsense...people are easily mislead by the Satans mass media - BBC, Newspaper et al.,

Flat Plane 2020

- a week ago  

Awesome! Water above and below.