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Huge Tornado Tears Tennessee Apart! Destruction in Clarksville, TN, USA

  - 8:01

Two dozen tornado reports poured in across five states in the South during Saturday’s event. WARNING THE LANGUAGE USED IN THIS VIDEO SHOWS HOW FOOLISH MANY ARE. More -> More -> -----IT ALL PASSED OVER ME AS I PRAYED--------- I pray to thee our God and Savior Jesus, O great High King and God of all Creation He whom rules from Heaven on High whom I serve forever with fear and reverence knowing Thou are not mocked. I pray, first, forgive our trespasses that we have done, and deliver us from evil. Father let not those who hate thee continue to mock and attempt to sully thy Great Name, and spread their evil filthy rebellious deeds in the faces of our children. Consider how they oppose thee O mighty one of the true Israel, Thou whom gave thy own blood and over turned the destroyer and all their plans against thee. Is not the hope of the people whom know the true way, calling out to thee? Yet thy Kingdom will come as the ancient scripture has taught us from generation to generation. I ask not for any change in thy unknown timing or thy will. I may be alone in this prayer and i hope other brothers also pray? I ask, Father, break the Jezebel's spirit in the land and the sorcery connections and leave them visible as the stinking hags that they are. Bring them low their tongues spew filth. I also ask for a wall of fire and guardian Angels as needed, around those who love thee and obey thy teaching. And Honor thy holy name. Amen signed... Just another man who has seen the power on high and learned whom to fear and whom not to fear. The One whom Rules, so I brag of my God. He is all light with all power, and all righteous, He is always here, even with a low nobody such as me. Glory to God ! occc||------Christ Jesus--------- Learn from Scriptures for America #1






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December 10th 2023  

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- 2 months ago  

Obviously the cloud cover was extremely heavy, I can only wonder why. Clarksville is 476 feet above sea level so the clouds came down too low to start a tornado. Chemtrail clouds.