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Must See Mind Blowing Patents

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Must See Mind Blowing Patents o==(------Intel-------------- **WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN?!?** -- CALLENDER | VLIET Didn't Oprah and these other filthy rich have mammoth underground complex's built. If I was Parent I would get organized and get with all the Men and have a look and be watching the local synagogues. I'm thinking their harvesting right now. May God save these innocent children. Pray it ! 0===(|------intel------------- Fr. Altman states that Pope Francis (Bergolio) is not the Pope. He's a truther stuck in an over taken church by the Cabal of Satanist. 0===(|------intel------------- Footage of 911 Never on TV again (See added Mandela Effect info in the description o=====||»»»»»»»VICTORY»»»»»»»»»»»» Live-Audio Scriptures for America Scriptures for America Get baptized Acts 2:38 -|- Mark 16:16 JudeoChristianism WARNING---> Providing Biblical Analysis Of The Mandela Effect No King but Jesus | Seriously why vote for deceivers ? ROMANS 16:20 And before long, God the giver of peace will crush Satan under YOUR feet. More from DragonSlayerIntel






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September 11th 2023  

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Dragon Slayer Intel

- 2 weeks ago  

It's Looking like these serpents running the Mire pumps, will and are using these evil devices. I pity those all juiced up w/ the black goo venom.. woe unto the sinners, woe....