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WHO says we will continue to provoke emergency declarations

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WHO says we will continue to provoke emergency declarations Dr Meryl Nass discusses soft coup taking place at the WHO during EU Parliament meeting, not sure if she is saying she is for or against, but this took place at the end of July and their timeline is 100 days which would make this around the end of October if successful, remember that the United States is totally on board with this, please give me your feedback at And most will not go for this, try as they might.. I've seen people going door to door discussing the Coup at hand and protecting our childrens future, coming together against these tyrants. Stomp stomp stomp o====||»»»»»»»Intel»»»»»»»»»»» They're All Responsible o===(-------Intel--------- More DEW Attack victims and bodies some evidence STRANGE THINGS about the MOROCCO EARTHQUAKE COLOR CODED WATCH o=====||»»»»»»»VICTORY»»»»»»»»»»»» Live-Audio Scriptures for America Scriptures for America Get baptized Acts 2:38 -|- Mark 16:16 JudeoChristianism WARNING---> Providing Biblical Analysis Of The Mandela Effect No King but Jesus | Seriously why vote for deceivers ? ROMANS 16:20 And before long, God the giver of peace will crush Satan under YOUR feet. More from DragonSlayerIntel The more I see, it makes me think, IT IS the Devil running the show from the deep state OP command.






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September 11th 2023  

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