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To the world-pt-2 The Glaciers Chaos Enigma Iceland Greenland Staged

  - 30:45

To The World Part 2 The Glaciers Chaos Enigma Iceland Greenland Staged Sicknesses Iceland or Islandia ? i566 is there a 1k yrs added to history along with the made up history? Co2 is good and if it warms a bit, all the better for food and us ! Also, the destruction event, of these old world cities buildings & structures, is most likely from the evidence of the scattering/separations of tribes and confusion of tongues. When they built towers to heaven. And they defied God, altogether MOTIVATED as ONE. God whom rules from on high and made everything. Not too different from these days, is it ! Also it is written that satan dwells in the sides of the north. Perhaps along the hidden lands at the furthest edges of the north from where the northern lights are ? IMHO - DSI Think about it, we were made, created by God, whom is all light and there be no darkness at all. He can and will do what He decides, as it is also explained throughout the bible scriptures. Serve or perish, i choose obedience unto the good Shepard. ============ 2nd Chronicles 7:14 IF my people whom are called by my Name --> Christ 'ians.. --> Live player ---> Don't make your bible an idol, go to the top --> Christ Jesus.






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Dragon Slayer Intel

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Remember, i just share what i think can help us find as much real truth as possible. Glory to the most high GOD, whom i serve.