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Mandatory Vaccinations by AstraZeneca in Finland -7GrainsofSalt

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Uploaded 2 years ago  

December 5th 2020  

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Pandoras Box

- 2 years ago  

I don't think that site is all that reliable. The guy did not have his facts straight. On this story from the same press, the guy is saying the PCR test was used for the swine flu testing in 1976, but it was not even invented until the 80's by Kary Mullis. There was another swine flu problem in 2009 I think it was and it was mostly a hoax. The vaccine for that one was also bad. That one they probably did use the PCR test for as they have used it since the late 1980's after Mullis created it. At the bottom of the site below there is a link to the swine flu of 1976 Deja Vu The Swine Flu Vaccination Fraud of 1976 That part the guy had right. There was swine flu in that year so they tell us. If the video is authentic and I think it is. It was filmed around that time. The vaccine for that one was also very bad for many people Not saying the above report is inaccurate, it is just the site itself, may not be reliable for good information. I would be looking for another source to confirm it is however. Just to be on the safe side.