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2 and 3 Year Old Seizing and Doctors are Mystified

  - 1:29

2 and 3 Year Old Seizing and Doctors are Mystified ONLY THE JABBED KIDS ! -------- Is CERN about to Destroy the Earth 07042022 As for CERN and all, it doen't really matter because we have no control other than prayer, over what these evil bastards do. If you are in truth with God, as in 'John 14', be at peace, but always be ready. I've done the best i can do, surely God keeps his word. Even if I may be about to get killed, I will still trust and serve, obey Christ Jesus. Fear only God, and you are wise. In the end cern will burn along with the rest.. ------------------------------- THESE ARE DEVILS and they really are all BS-> Like the toxic Tares, fruitless just seeds for more Tares, worthless, so is BS. BULL SHIT IS JUST PLAIN TOXIC. Cow Manure is among the top choices as an organic fertilizer and can help serve as a soil amendment beneficial to improve drainage and growth. 10-4-8 N-P-K ratio ----VS---- Bull Manure is High in salinity can lead to stunted plants and makes soil toxic where many plants won't grow. N-P-K ratio of 14-5-8 AND THEN THERE IS JUST CRAZY Lunatic def. Above -----The Way----- Scriptures for America Worldwide Fighting the good fight for decades, warning well before all this evil as of late.






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