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55 yr old Bus Driver has Cardiac Arrest, Crashes Bus into House .ClotShot?

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COVID-19 Vaccident? 55 yr old Bus Driver has Cardiac Arrest, Crashes Bus into House o===|)>>>>>>>>>>>- OPERATION TRUMP - SUCCESSFUL AS PLANNED I wonder if the people are intelligent enough to see the scam, or remain at best half awake? After the brainwashing from the Anti-Christ Education system and wrong Gospel of 5013c churches. The Judeo-Christian, even the name is an Oxymoron. Stew Peters seems not as yet, come to realize the Edomite Masonic Devil take over, follow the $ ?. Christ Jesus told us,"be not deceived", a command from His testimony unless you deny His Authority? The answer is here Deuteronomy 28 and here 2nd Chronicles 7:14. o===|)>>>>>>>>>>>- Defund the FBI & CIA AND IRS AND 100 MORE, glory to GOD ! AMERICAN'S PUSH BACK AND DEMAND THE FBI BE DISMANTLE's-push-back-and-demand-the-fbi:2 o===|)>>>>>>>>>>>- 100% Effective --- Pfizer CEO Has Covid, After 4 Jabs Not enough AsshKanazi blood, if he ever even got any real death EdomJewJabs.. o===|)>>>>>>>>>>>-NO KING BUT J E S U S 2nd Chronicles 7:14ž IF my people whom are called by my Name --> Christ 'ians.. Sword of the spirit Ephesians 6:10-18 Live player --->






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August 16th 2022  

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