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The jab is the MARK of the beast & warning stop do not to sacrifice your children

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The suffering agony and pain that these"DNA modified jabbed people" selected, unaware of this evil attack by Satans children. Preachers sold you out, by failing completely to prepare you all for this. I believe it is because they always have been working for the devil, either knowingly or not. Lukewarm at best.. Lets see how long it takes for the stragglers to understand, the devil is real, and it will take more than just believing in God. Even the demons believe and obey God aka Jesus. Think on that lukewarm dreamers.. And yes, i know allot of brothers in Christ, that are aware, because they get their wisdom from Word & the Spirit as do I and do serve the Father. You are all out of time, to get oil for your lamps, just seconds remain, if you know about the need for the oil? it is understanding & knowledge of the word and teachings, the history, who is who, and holy spirit power of faith, meaning knowing for certain, your faith even unto death if need be. His will be done. ACTs 2:38 the sealing with His blood payment for our sins, and then, after your obedience 'baptism' and faith, receive the gift of the holy spirit.. Cloth yourselves with Christ, in baptism, and be dressed properly for the wedding supper of the Bridegroom aka Jesus. no other name carries the authority. Acts 4:12... ---- Bill admits Code in mRNA shots Updated Without Regulators Noticing ----- They say it got smart, and it's fear of being turned off, which to the AI is death. YOU KNOW the rest now here is the reality of it ! I'm Sure This is Nothing to Worry About AI hack the the military weapon systems,,,looks already online. see story: BLACKROCKS ALADDIN THE HIDDEN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE






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June 14th 2022  

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- 3 weeks ago  

Sorry, this isn't the mark!

Dragon Slayer Intel

- 3 weeks ago  

Buy sell and trade,,,Marked people can, but soon the people perfect in their generations, will not be able to buy-sell-trade...