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Calendars have been altered here is some evidence

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Learn eye opening truth below . ROMANS 16:20 And before long, God the giver of peace will crush Satan under YOUR feet.. Scriptures for America truth preached for these times. o===[--------Beware------------- Judeo<->Oxymoron<->Christian link below explains fully. Read --> Zechariah 14 ( Understand the Israel in the scripture is not talking about the modern Talmudic state full of impostors ) Beware the TV liars and fake evangelist trafficing in Christ name for $hekels. They are the State false 5013c deceivers. Providing a Biblical Analysis Of The Mandela Effect I pray in Jesus, Our Father most high deliver us from evil for we repentant of our sins against thee, remaining faithful we thank thee with gratitude, love and fear and reverence, thy will be done.






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November 26th 2023  

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- half a year ago  

correct, my wife is a genealogist and has come to the same conclusion as you, they have added 1000 years to our calendar, in addition to that, everything we see today started 1000 years ago, but that is a longer story.

Dragon Slayer Intel

- half a year ago  

There also have been numerous times when the powers that be changed more than just the above noted 1000 years. They admit to taking days out, and adding days to, leap years, I read somewhere that TPTB added 5 months at one point. So possibly many, many changes. And that is to say nothing of the Julian Calendar, before and the now pope Gregory calendar they call the Gregorian calendar.