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President of Fed Reserve Bank of Minneapolis on CBDC's

  - 0:55

Here are a few CBDC "benefits": Purchase denied: Your carbon score is above WEF guidelines, we have disabled access to your vehicle and revoked travel privileges for 60 days. Purchase denied: Your energy footprint this months exceeds WEF guidelines. We have remotely lowered your indoor air/heating smart thermometer by 10 degrees for the following 48 hours. Purchase denied: This is your 3rd alcoholic beverage this week. Your social score only allows for 2. Please try a non-alcoholic substitute. Purchase denied: The funds you are attempting to use were valid for 12 months from issue and have expired. Saving money beyond 12 months requires approval from federal, social, safety and your governor. Proper forms along with approved category for saving required. Purchase denied: We have detected that you attempted to purchase 10 gallons of gasoline this week. Your carbon footprint limit is 8 gallons. 5 social credit points have been deducted from your digital ID account. Purchase denied: We have determined that email and text messages on your devices contain misinformation and thus hate speech under new federal definition. All accounts have been deleted and all funds have been seized. Please report to your nearest re-education facility. Purchase denied: Your health and safety chip has not detected booster 2025 x 7 shot. All accounts have been locked down 10% daily total funds penalty will begin 48 hours if continued non-compliance with human safety directives. Purchase denied: You have consumed your quota of real meat this month. Purchase denied: Your voting records indicate you did not participate in latest polls. Purchase denied: Your social score this month fell below threshold for non-essential items. Purchase denied: We have detected unfavorable political comments on your social media. Please delete post on 5/7/2025. 3 social credit points have been deducted from your digital ID account.






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