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Spend No Money And Shut The World Down For Two Weeks Starting On October 1 2021

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September 11th 2021  

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- half a year ago  

For all the leftist here in the US. Your gonna feel it! He's spot on! We know this is happening, so better do something soon, because it's not getting better.

Barbarossa 296

- half a year ago  

First of all, it’s imperative that we understand exactly who the Enemy is. They are using the same methods that they used in the Soviet Union and elsewhere – destroy the traditional family, destroy the middle class, destroy and then rewrite history, exercise tight control over communications, education, all armed forces, and watch everybody everywhere all of the time. Their heroes are Lenin, Stalin, Mao, et al – who together, murdered an estimated 120 million people during the 20th Century. Next, if we are indeed Patriots and not just “Patriots”, then we MUST CONSOLIDATE our POWER! Our power bases tend to be small towns, rural counties, and conservative States (there are exceptions of course). Many are isolated. If we live in a State run by oath keepers the State can help us to repel Federal intrusions. Even if we are the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY we can be EASILY SUPPRESSED AND then EXTERMINATED if we don’t have CONTROL of NECESSITIES. A. SEEK OUT OATH KEEPERS (If they SUPPORT LOCKDOWNS, MASK AND VACCINE REQUIREMENTS, etc. they are NOT OATH KEEPERS!)! 1. LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT (especially Sheriffs) – they have good military grade equipment and can DEPUTIZE all available Patriots to resist Federal intrusions and 2. VETERANS (their experience, knowledge, and skills are invaluable) B. NETWORK with like-minded people LOCALLY (communications can be blocked, electricity shut off, etc. – be able to have physical contact with your group when necessary!) C. SEIZE AND MAINTAIN CONTROL OF (help Patriot owners defend their own property, give *script for later payment to all others); 1. COMMUNICATIONS infrastructure (stations, towers, etc.) 2. ELECTRICITY distribution and generation stations, 3. FOOD production and distribution (butcher shops, farms, ranches, grocery stores, etc.), 4. FUEL SUPPLIES and PRODUCTION (diesel, gasoline, natural gas, propane, etc. - refineries, storage, wells, etc.) 5. PUBLIC BUILDINGS (city halls, court houses, etc.) 6. TRANSPORTATION (airports, bridges, crossroads, overpasses, train stations, etc.) and 7. WATER sources (rivers, springs, wells, etc. – guard these closely!) D. MAINTAIN all EXISTING useful business, political, religious, and social ORGANIZATIONS UNDER PATRIOT CONTROL (churches, police, schools, utility companies, etc.). If the existing ones are unsuitable, then create new ones or learn to do without!; and E. MORALE IS IMPORTANT – educate, entertain, and help those in need! * Script is a written substitute for cash used by both countries and rebels/revolutionaries throughout the centuries. Script was used by the Continental Congress during the Revolutionary War, by both the North and the South during the War Between the States, and at many other times and places by various organizations. Script is usually redeemable after the end of the conflict (assuming that the issuing party won!).


- half a year ago  

Oh I wish that this would happen. But the pussy's will not do it