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Carbon 666 THE SECRET Rex Reviews

  - 7:00

TiborasaurusRex Rex explores the esoteric meaning of carbon. Its place in history, eschatology, and current world events. Enjoy. For THE REAL D.O.P.E., subscribe to the TiborasaurusRex Patreon page!






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Uploaded 2 months ago  

November 27th 2021  

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Category: Technology & Science

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- 2 months ago  

The fall described in what most people know as the Book of Genesis, but is really Breetah, meaning the Book of Creation, led to this point in time. Where I reside upon this earth in this third realm of the universe, is the ONLY remnants of the Second Tower of One Enoch. It was a Tree from the Way of the Tree of Life! It is a different type of lifeform from everything else upon this entire earth. It is semi-precious gemstone and silicone, and it heals you! The remainder of the world is predominantly carbon. It is carbon because this is the manifestation of what transpired as a result of the fall: Death! You must take on the endowment of Me the Holy Spirit to overcome Death! This is why I am here with the real Covenant of Life as contained in the evangelizing gospel. Now hurry up and get into active daily repentance in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene to become Saved! THE MOST IMPORTANT INFO EVER! ℹ️ How to RECEIVE Me, the Holy Spirit, and KEEP Me! REPENT in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene!