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  - 45:57

Series 4, Part 5B, Where to go and how to survive the Pole Shift and Ice Age Diehold Foundation Video series 4, Part 5B, covers where to go to survive the next Polar Reversal and Ice Age. It also covers the 50 years before the reversal, what happens during the reversal and the years after the geomagnetic reversal and Nova. This information will give you and your children the best chance of survival. I present this information because I want some people to survive the polar reversal event This series of videos are takes from Chapter 8 in “God’s Day of Judgment, the Real Cause of Global Warming” “the theory of Multidimensional Reality” and “Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet.” These three books can be purchased through or the publisher at If you have any questions on any of the videos, just send your questions to [email protected] or [email protected] and they will be answered directly or in a Q&A video in that series. List of all the video Series’s: Video Series 4. Causes of the Ice Ages & Polar Reversals. Part 1: Clock cycles that cause the reversals;​. Part 2: Proof Sun novas;​. Part 2B: Proof all stars Nova;​. Part 3: The great flood;​. Part 4A: Sea level changes;​. Part 4B: Meteors do not cause extinctions;​. Part 4C/E: 14C dating Issues;​. Part 4D: Greenland crater;​. Part 4F: Earth’s rotation reverses during polar reversal;​. Part 4G: Mechanism that creates the Earth’s magnetic field & rotation?;​. Part 5A: Ways to survive the reversal;​. Part 5B: The easy way to survive;​. Part 5C: Most coded secret in the Torah;






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