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The Fog Is Lifting Dr Lee Merritt Dr Reiner Fuellmich and Dr Wolfgang Wodarg

  - 1:17:46

Defeat The Mandates Rally DC Jan. 23: Dr. Lee Merritt: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich: Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg:






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January 10th 2022  

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Max Random

- 2 weeks ago  

Nursing homes have been murdering since 2020. I can confirm they stop giving seniors food & just morphine drip them to death using "Covid" as an excuse & cause of death. I recieved a call from our mother's nursing home that she was being sent to a covid unit for a fever during lockdown in Mass. , her social worker & her nurse on the floor called us 5 days later and told us she had recovered from her fever and was cleared to go back to her nursing home. The next day we had 5 missed calls on a saturday by 9am claiming emergency. We called back and we were told , told mine you, we had to sign off on a DNR . We asked to speak to our mother and she was dying from covid & too weak to speak to us, if we signed they could make her comfortable and moved to hospice. What they didn't say is the DNR form was changed by CDC to now allow hospitals to stop giving fluids or food to someone DNR'ed . We refused , and for 6 weeks they kept trying to kill her by DNR morphine. They murdered thousands all over using DNR & lockdowns.