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All important links are found on our portal: A former intelligence official who goes by the name of Gideon is representing a group IT professionals, aka white hat hackers, who have come forward to expose new banking and social tracking software being developed. The software is expected to come online after a "financial reset" and economic collapse. The software, called CSRQ-SM, contains various class categories for the world's population that greatly restrict freedom, capital and private property, as well as enforce fines and vaccinations. The IT professionals reached out to Gideon to help disseminate the information. Gideon then contacted close associates, those he considered patriots, to help form a network to release it. Gideon says protecting his sources is his highest priority because "without them doing this, none of this is possible. They are risking their lives. They are breaking their contracts and security clearances to get this information out. We have a short window of time before this thing turns the planet into a prison. We expect to get hit hard. They will escalate us from a low-level threat to a high one pretty quick. If people don't support us, we're finished." Permission to copy, download and re-upload this video is granted. The video's speed has been increased 10%. All important links are found on our portal:






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July 14th 2022  

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- 3 weeks ago  

Don't be fooled. The vaccines are not killing people. The vaccines are killing the parasites liveing inside your heart, artery, lung and brain tissue. The deadly bacteria released from dieing worms is killing people in various ways. Not vaccines. They can't tell you about the worms because they have purposely built there medical interprise from the foundation of your lack of knowledge. Now they can use the worms kill people quickly before you can do anything about them. They killed Jesus to protect themselves from the truth. This is going to end the war between the Christian and the Jew once and for all. The death toll will peak in the billions late this decade. The number of dead rotten corpses pilling up along city streets by 2029 will necessitate the use of tactical nuclear bombs to burn them into ashes in 2030. This will bring about the short term global deep freeze until the chemtrail agents collect all the radiated debrief and bring it down with the rain, this will effectively wash it all out to sea as the sky's clear again. The Earth will regreen and become inhabital again by 2050. 95% of This world will be gone with out a trace left of it for man kind to expand upon again. All coastlines will be void of construction clean and prescribe for God's people to enjoy without niggerism disease crowding out everything. Your in like flyn Or you out forevermore. It's all in the blood.


- 3 weeks ago  

Humanity could not survive like that. What we are seeing here is just the collapse of the overaged populations in the western and westernized countries which has begun in 2020 and will continue to a point of total annihilation of most western societies. Life always finds a way. The vaxxed sheep are basically sorting themselves out of the gene pool thereby making room for the few who still have balls and brains who will keep breeding and become the majority eventually.


- 3 weeks ago  

Look at what is happening in Sri Lanka. That is what awaits them if they even try to do this. It doesn't matter if they flip on a switch because they'll be on the run just like the leaders of Sri Lanka, and then the switch will be turned right back off.


- 3 weeks ago  

If the elites survive.