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There is no pattern, noticing is racist.

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October 5th 2023  

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David Benzollini

- 2 months ago  

The jews want to water down the pure stalk of European heritage races and thus eliminating all roots or heritage of thier target race, then comes in the jewish programming from academia and thier owned media.

David Benzollini

- 2 months ago  

Mixing of races is an ethnocentrist plot created by radical hardcore zionists. Like Joe Biden said, diversity is our greatest strength after saying to a jew he is first and foremost a zionist.


- 2 months ago  

Promoting race mixing advertising of the Society of Zeus Satan that ancient SERPENT 🐍 the behemoth of the great deep, a fallen angel, the angel of the eternal hellfire, A-avadoa or absolute annihilator, Apollyon A-pole-lion in the Greek, Abaddon A-bad-Don in the Hebrew, the only deity Shiva that proclaims to recreate the universe through it's destruction at the molecular level, the same deity statue at CERN the large hadron collidor where there are "scientists" really sorcerers, that claim to be bringing other entities (demons) through and sending others out. Race mixing is the sin fornication. Race mixing is much deeper than skin color but is about mixing the seed that the enemy has planted, which is what they have been doing running an underground breeding program and abducting human beings under the guise of alien 👽 abductions, those are demons. - The Book of Daniel 2:43 the evangelizing gospel. Repent in the name of Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene! Amen. 🙏🙌