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Stone Cold Kompramat From Israel With Love

  - 24:41

Roger Stone is a political hitman working for Israel and the New York, New Jersey, Atlantic City Russian Jewish mob. His local members of the board are Shelden Adelson, Ronald Lauder and Charles Bronfman. The over seas office board is headed by Benjamin Netanyahu. Or, Mr Milekowski as he was originally known. Mr Stone likes to watch strangers perform sex acts on his wife. He has a busty over the top hooker as a lover who bore his love child. Kristen Davis is renown as the east coast Hiedi Fliess for anyone with a memory. Her job was to compromise the New York elite. Stone was her handler. And lover. When Elliot Spitzer started barking up the right trees to do with the 2008 housing market collapse, Stone made sure he was retired when one of Stones happy hookers let slip he liked to do it with his socks on. Stone is a vile, nasty, morally and ethically corrupt piece of s**t from the hob goblin stable of New York where Ork creatures like Hillary and Podesta are manufactured. The bi-sexual latino hottie in Ms Cortez is proffered up as a Josephine Baker dancing female JFK come to cleanse the temple. I'm sure she means well. She will do as instructed. Did I mention she is bi-sexual? Filthy capitalists will be mated with filthy commies to produce "Communitarianism". The New Age Smart City gulag ideological system of 5G, robots and velvet shackles. Designed in Israel, manufactured in China. ISRAEL'S SECRET WEAPON - THE TALPIOT PROGRAM How Israel dominates the planets high technology sector.






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August 30th 2023  

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