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Michael Jackson - The His Story

  - 25:50

King of pop music, vegetarian and artist loving peace, unexpectedly died 10 years ago, leaving possible tips about that what or who could want to kill him. In this material you can see how many manipulations have been done on him to break him. When nothing worked, he was silenced because he was to influential with his popularity and knowledge about our distorted history and actual elites from the top pulling the strings. By killing him, they prevented leaking out more of that critical information to the public, securing themselves by potential loose of anonymity and influence which is giving them significant advantage and control over others. NOTE: At 16:55 it should be written year 2009 instead of 2019.






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November 11th 2021  

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He actually wasn't killed. Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah showed Me that Michael was at his own funeral and he faked his death to escape the evil one and his children. He's here somewhere. Joe Jackson was not a loving dad is what I was made to know. Michael Jackson broke programming and that made him a threat to the evil one and his children so they wanted to take him out. It killed his songs exposing them which they were most threatened by because of his influence and positive energy. A good friend of mine worked on the Janet and Michael Jackson song and Michael had a facial prosthetic that covered his nose and part if his face from severe skin disease. He had a lot going wrong. Good post, thanks for sharing!

It's so obvious that Wade Robson got cloned for exposing the truth about this pedophile. ALL of Hollywood are pedophiles.