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The Metaverse Is Worse Than You Thought

  - 16:15

Moon The Metaverse Is Pure Evil... Support the channel here (all funds go back into the channel): ► Become a Patron: ► Follow my Twitter: The Metaverse will bring about a new age of society. The Metaverse makes money from your suffering. Mark Zuckerberg created the Metaverse as a new business to make money from your depressed and lonely life. Mark Zuckerberg wants the metaverse to make money from his users privacy and data which poses a big threat to the world. This video goes over the metaverse and what it means for religion, economics, business and society. There is lots of money and wealth to be made which is why Justin Bieber performed in the Metaverse and Snoop Dog is buying up land in the metaverse. This is how Metaverse makes money. So watch as I explain the truth behind Facebook's meta rebranding and why Metaverse is bad.






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Uploaded 3 weeks ago  

January 6th 2022  

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Category: Technology & Science


The Scotch-Irish Viking

- 3 weeks ago  

This is the worst turning point in human history. Mankind is truly doomed.

Art of Light

- 3 weeks ago  

imdeed- and it wasnt long ago snoop dog was rapping about cop killing,bitch slapping and openly promoting drug uses of all kinds.. and people lap it up? ... this metaworse is a virtual nightmare that aims to delete human physicality in favour of robotic insanity. SMH. not for me thanks.