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"If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government..."

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June 23rd 2021  

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- 2 months ago  

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- a year ago  

Idiot. No matter How many millions veterans SF, DELTA FORCE, SEALS, RECON, SNIPERS there are they are not stupid enough to go up against the 82nd Airborne Division. Most were trained for years to tackle problems in a much different manner. They might lay in a ditch 2 miles away and pop a mayor or county commissioner or a congressman or ?? Or they might disrupt the electrical grid or the natural gas or the oil supply or the food or water supply or stop the movement of goods and services.


- a year ago  

You know, I can't listen to Mr. Potato Head twice, my brain wants to twist up like his. When you have a disturbed mind like his, you don't want to own a gun, because you might hurt yourself.

Max Random

- a year ago  

Any Country with a well armed militia has never been invaded. Its why they put in the second amendment. Smart They can't force you to jab with that shit if your armed.


- a year ago  

I agree with ya'all... Potato head is not in his right mind..


- a year ago  

The 2nd amendment simply says; "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed." There is nothing in that referring to who can own weapons or what kind of weapons they can own. It DOES, however refer to the necessity of owning weapons capable of maintaining the security of a free State. The clear intention being that citizens should be armed in such a way as to meet their government on equal terms if necessary. Once more Biden rants about his fantasies that have no factual or historic basis. Stating opinions and wishes as facts when there is no evidence or statute to support his claims.


- a year ago  

well there is a Statue......Article 1 Section 8 Subsection 15......( which is the extension of the 2nd Amendment ) "Congress shall have power...... to provide for Organizing, ARMING, and Disciplining the Militia........ (read on for the rest )"....


- a year ago  

Hey idiot in chief. There's a place down the street from me that houses tanks, cannons, half tracks, and numerous other armament. All privately owned!!!! Guess what?


- a year ago  

Idiot. Ask say a few 100,000 ex and current SF, SEALS, DELTA FORCE etc how they would go about staging a revolt. They spent years training how to do it with BMG C4 M16etc. They sure would not go up against the 82nd airborne. But I would not give you 10 cents for any politician judge bureaucrat big tech MSM or elite oligarchs well being. The power grid can be shut down into CA or any big city in 15 minutes. The water supplies to any major city can be made unpotable in hours. The transportation grid into cities can be shut down very very easily. Food supplies can be shut off. Fuel and natural gas can be shut off easily Hold on, I hope and pray that this is not the case but thing are getting very close to the start of a fire cannot be put out is getting closer by the day.


- half a year ago  

All you have to do is look what the antifa pos did with a bic lighter out on the west coast in a week...


- a year ago  

That's the second time a dimocrat has threatened the American people with Nukes if we don't disarm. Convince me they aren't evil and need to be destroyed.