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Why Some People Suffer Adverse Reactions and Some dont

  - 1:40

TruthVideos1984 What if 70% are harmless saline solutions, add something in the placebo to induce a small reaction like soreness or redness so they don't think it's a placebo. And the other 30% contain poison. They cant just kill everyone straight out it would raise too many red flags. If it is done slowly it's much easier to hide the casualties. This is why they are now pushing these booster shots. With every shot you take you're closer to that lethal dose of poison.






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December 5th 2021  

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- a month ago  

There was never a "virus". Endgame is to get the nanorouter in you without killing you. Many didn't fair too well.


- 2 months ago  

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- half a year ago  

Anyone like this loser that says there are no harm shoots (placebo) is a worthless no NOTHING piece of shit LIAR! Ask yourself if they are trying to kill people on a mass scale WHY would you waste time and goddam money pushing placebos? People like this need their fuckin teeth knocked out! When they twitch around looking all over the place like this whore, their LYING and they know it. Research "End of cycle formula" and stop listing to LOSERS! like this fucking cunt! They are going to kill you and your useless eater family if you dumb fucks don't wake up.

The Scotch-Irish Viking

- a month ago  

I think you are expressing your anger and hostility at the wrong people here bro. We are all on NewTube for a reason. Swearing and cussing people out is not going to convince them you are right, in fact, does just the opposite... Pushes ppl away. I do get you though and am pretty heated about this whole thing as well. Smh... I will remain a pureblood until life leaves this body. Just a little word of advise friend... You draw more bees with honey, than you do with vinegar. Stay safe and keep your Pineal gland decalcified..✌️🀟


- half a year ago  

A referendum held in Switzerland on the 28 th of November 2021 had 62 % of those who voted in favour of vaccine passports. Only 63% of the population voted . This is why they need the advocates. Once the laws are in place, people will have to get vaccinated according to mandates if they want to retain their passports. Such coercion should give us reason to rejoice for it is a confirmation that Lucifer is setting up his kingdom and Jesus's return for the " obedient until death".


- half a year ago  

In the end, the only person that wins at Russian Roulette is the one loading the bullet into the gun.


- half a year ago  

Right, genocide has to be cleaver, it's not allowed to look deceitful. If the vaccine came in a pill form, they'd sell it on the shelves at your local pharmacy. I wouldn't doubt they'd put it in your drinking water, or spray it in the air you breath. The problem would be, the death rate couldn't be controlled. Swaths of people would be dieing and that would be a dead give-away as to what and where the source would be. It has to be a controlled death rate, separated by distance. When I thought about graphene, I thought of 5G, but the way and manner it acts says there's a conflict of interest because the Heart depends on electric as well as the Brain. All 30 trillion DNA cells in your body operates on electric. As for the vaccinated, RIP.


- half a year ago  

That's why the 'vaccinated' can still spread the virus. Because is ISN'T a vaccine in the first place!


- half a year ago  

Exactly, the way and manner the Jab acts has nothing to do with Viruses but has more to do with electrical conductivity.