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Believe it




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July 30th 2021  

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Max Random

- a year ago  

she just lined up a genocide death sentence- dummy politician


- a year ago  

LOL. After 3,000 years of persecution, they now OFFING THEMSELVES.


- a year ago  

If you want to know the truth. Follow the science that makes things better . If it wants to kill or control Who can stop it one way or the other. Llive . And follow the science


- a year ago  

Variants only happen because of the vaxx.!


- 2 years ago  

Jesus Christ is a False DEITY!!! Satan Psyops! Trump is The Beast and The Christ! Look it up! Elizabeth Maria CHRIST! His Dads side and His Mother is MARY! I AM not lying HE IS THE GREAT DECEPTION! MAGA, KAG, MAGAA. And THE BEAST Spoke GREAT Things. He Ignited operation WARP SPEED With Countless Meetings With BILL HATES Of HELL ABA-DON /APOLLYON


- 2 years ago  

Uh, no. The vaccinated are no better off from Covid than the unvaccinated. People with one, two and three shots are getting sick from Covid. 95% of people in the hospital from Covid have already been vaccinated. You might as well be injected with salt water.


- 2 years ago  

As soon as I heard this zio-sellout judas goat dumb ass piece of shit say jesus christ BULLSHIT I'm Gone... Pathetic fuckin LOSER!


- 2 years ago  

Everyone Listen To Me So, Man!!! Get on your phone, go the the Internet, go in your car, go on bicycle, go on bus, go on foot to immediately Pass the following Info to everyone across the Island, Man!!! No More Masks Anywhere, No More Social Distancing, No More Fines for Covid Measures, People can Stop Working from Home and Go Back to their Workplace, No Shop can Refuse People Not Wearing a Mask, No more mask on Buses and so on. U.K. Government January 19, 2022 - Boris Johnson: No more masks and back to the office as Plan B restrictions removed and more. If the U.K. can stop these Covid measure so can every other country. This event by the U.K. government is a result of a Case Filed with the International Criminal Court and Police Investigations into Covid Crimes started by several police stations in England. Rise up as One People and Demand the Government follow what the U.K. has done!!! This was a Dilettante Presumption Theorem: All statements of fact, opinion, or analysis expressed do not necessarily reflect official positions or views or any other entity, past or present. Nothing in the contents should be construed as asserting or implying endorsement of interpretations and factual statements.


- 2 years ago  

Well, if you don't know that viruses turn into amino acids A,C,T,G, you will fall into their demented program of control. Viruses are good, Bacterium are bad, that's all you need to know. A Bat Coronavirus has never hurt anyone before ? Idiots in North Carolina built a spike protein on it so it could be infectious, but it's not the coronavirus that's going to kill you it's the Spike Protein instead. And guess what ! You're making the Spike Proteins !


- 3 years ago  

Sheeple are the result of those who take the path of least resistance. And when you're too lazy to do the research, well then, Hosea 4:6 pretty much spells out your fate: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Israel, of all nations, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I was always in support of Israel, but not now, not during lunatic governance oppressing your people to vaxx for a virus that doesn't even exist!


- 3 years ago  

You know imagine what the Indians and Settlers went through back in the Mayflower days ? None of them knew what immunity was and how it worked ? Indians started getting sick and dropping like flies until the Medicine Man declared the White Man had Evil Spirits in him and set off a war with the Savages. Do you know over 60 million Indians died ? All those Europeans with Immunity from all of those plagues came to America, and it literally fuked up the Indians. Now, Virology is doing the same thing and ding dongs are infecting themselves with the injections ! It'll spread like wildfire too !


- 3 years ago  

Yup sure! You keep playing the unvaxxed blame game BS card. You signed that disclaimer to get that guinea pig jab and once (if) the censorship of the uncountable adverse events after vaxxing become public you will find another BS storyline to push the blame on the unvaxxed. Brainwashed by propaganda and to lazy to spend a few hours researching b4 you signed that release for your jab. Dumbass!


- 3 years ago  

Speculation without proof, it's what they do. Just like SarsCov-2 and covid being a novel deadly infectious disease. The sheeple believed it, and the media pounded the earth with more lies based on the original lie. First principles of virology like the nature of viruses especially pathogenicity and MID must be re-examined. Proof of immunity after a vaccination must be rigorously defined NOT by so called medical experts, but using logical proofs provided by unbiased sources confirmed by independent trials using proper control experiments.


- 3 years ago  

I agree wholeheartedly with the two comments so far on this video. Basically, everything the governor of Alabama said in this video at the beginning is exactly the opposite of the real situation. The vaccinated people are mostly the ones who are being hospitalized and are the ones that are a danger to the unvaccinated. It is highly likely that the unvaccinated people in hospital are finding themselves there because of exposure to the vaccinated people. This is a republican Governor to boot, who you would think would be a little bit more questioning of the narrative and look into it properly. I also still can't understand why President Trump is still advocating for people to take these shots. Certainly, by now, there must be somebody around him advising him how dangerous they are.


- 3 years ago  

I hit the thumbs up only to support you In spreading the bullshit upon us anti's..


- 3 years ago  

What a HillBilly but hole..,whats her name.., Beverly?! Someone better drop the HAMMER uppon her empty compromixed cowardess head!!


- 2 years ago  

as fast as possible......and on the rest of its prole......!