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The Venetian Black Nobility series with J. Philip Jimenez, Episode 1

  - 2:14:34

For decades I have wondered who rules the world? I knew it wasn't presidents or prime ministers and after a while, I realized that Bankers aren't the end as it is who owns the banks that matter. After decades of research a few years ago I began to discover who it was who pulled the strings anonymously from behind the scenes. I discovered cloaked deep in the shadows a name that reverberated through history...The Venetian Black Nobility. My guest on this incredibly deep, murky, and at times highly controversial subject is J. Phillip Jiminez. He came to the same conclusion as me after his own long search to figure out who truly ran things so his International Law NGO could start making headway. As it turns out Phillip has even rubbed shoulders with a prominent member of the Black Nobility and the encounter was not the way one might think! We discuss how many get fixated on the Khazarian Mafia and will stop their research there, missing that they are in fact just an administrative, consigliere, and convenient scapegoat class. Rather the Black Nobility has cynically used the "Court Jew" as a sort of fence and final defensive layer to hide their dark machinations. Join Ian and Phillip as they journey through over 3,000 years of history to answer the question: "Who Rules the World" and why do they behave the way they do from a historical and esoteric point of view. Near Eastern deity Moloch once again appears pulling the ultimate non-human puppet strings from the lower astral realms. This is part one of a series of indeterminate length as the historical threads of these royal bloodlines stretch all the way back to the cradle of civilization in Akkadia, Babylon, and perhaps even Sumeria itself! Be warned this is a very political/historical episode that is quite controversial! At times the conversation moves from the modern era and then swiftly back to ancient times in an organic conversation spanning thousands of years. I hope you enjoy it and there's more to come!






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January 6th 2023  

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