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Ken OKeefe explains exactly why Hitler is demonized by the (((global elites)))

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July 16th 2022  

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- 3 weeks ago  

The bankers end game is to control who gets to live and die with there universal vaccine against all deadly worm diseases. The anunauki put the Jews in charge of gold recovery. The Jews created the gold back paper system then took the paper dollie off the gold backed system so they could scoop up all the gold useing worthless paper. Soon they will destroy there is dollor and forclose on property owners that have no gold certificates to pay mortages with when they reinstall the gold system. This is the big event COMMING in 2023. Hopefully the vaccines will kill off most people infected with tropical parasite worms and chronic wasting disease prions will take out the rest of the resistance globaly. The bankers want walk away with the world with a vaccine that will give life with out sickness for a thousand years.


- 3 weeks ago  

Hitler was100% controlled by the Vatican ( Jesuits) , all actions, all speech’s , the Rothschild’s bought the Vatican bank in 1910 , after that a whole host of things were ferreted from Vatican bank, money laundering, human trafficking, drug trafficking, global intelligence ramped up though Catholic Church maze of global players. The city on London , Dutch , Swiss, French, German bankers whom controls the had one big prize worth all the calamity and bloodshed of WW2 . That was to recoinnoter the thousands of German patents. Major part of their control was completely controlling of technology, using it for their purposes. That goes on today as I write, through a British bankers technology reading company, called SERCO