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11 Of The Most Faked Foods In The World | Big Business | Insider Business

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Hate to break it to you, but your truffle oil wasn't made from truffles. Your vanilla extract? Well, that's probably just a lab-made derivative of crude oil. And your shaker of Parmesan cheese? It probably has wood pulp inside. You might feel the companies behind these food products are using deceptive packaging — but it's legal. However, there's a whole other level of trickery that's completely illegal: food fraud. That's when criminals bottle up corn syrup and call it 100% honey, or when they pass off cheap mozzarella as pure Parmigiano-Reggiano. Globally, the fraudulent food industry could be worth $40 billion. It hurts legitimate producers, funds criminal activities, and can even harm consumers. We head around the world to uncover how producers get away with food deception and how we can spot the real stuff. 0:00 Intro 1:08 Truffles 3:44 Maple Syrup 5:19 Wasabi 7:42 Parmesan Cheese 11:15 Vanilla 12:58 Caviar 14:40 Honey 17:30 Olive Oil 20:04 Wagyu Beef 22:20 Coffee 24:05 Saffron 25:58 How criminals get away with selling fakes






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September 12th 2023  

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- a week ago  

In China, it's almost common knowledge (among first generation netizens) that all honey in supermarket is fake. Some is fake: feed the bees with sugar to increase the production; some is faker, pure sugar.

Dragon Slayer Intel

- a week ago  

So wrong, but this is the end of days season, the last generation it is written, being the worst of all, greed is rampant. I just found out the honey and the brown sugar I have is fake.. Thanks for the info.


- a week ago  

Your honey is probably from us China. and I loved to buy fake extra virgin olive oil, that's probably from you western world. Hahah