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What Have They Done To Our Immune Systems

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January 26th 2022  

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- a year ago  

do not get the jabs, simple


- a year ago  

It has really shown how many brain washed their are, and it has shown the how wicked the controllers have become. This is Revelation


- a year ago  

I could've told you that just by how the so called virus was running through 2020, I knew it was a hoax. I was an essential service worker and there were no masks back then and everyone I approached wasn't sick, go figure. The drum beat of covid was getting louder and louder but no one was sick ? By the time the vaccine rolled out, and it was mentioned it was a different type of vaccine the alarms went off in my head ! I could literally feel the shot was actually going to be the Kill shot and have nothing to do with Covid. Looks like I'm right ?


- a year ago  

1. The mRNA products is NOT "vaccines", they deliberately call them vaccines, so you fall for the deception, that they will keep you safe. This is not the case! 2. Remember this: The PCR tool misuse, to play the insane game of mandatory idiocy of everything, isn't for detection of any "Covid19 or variant". All these imaginary "virusses" is made in silico(computergenerated) and therefore not proven to exist! The "Covid19" is a toxic Bio-Weapon, as we are being told, but other views might be the real truth of outbreaks of illnesses. We know, that there are different lots/batches around the globe, as if the injectionlovers generates trials in the global trial, according to Wolfgang Wodarg and Mike Yeadon. The soup in the mRNA products differentiates from state to state in the US and other countries. That's flat out illegal and the manufacturers will be sued and prosecuted among other participants in this genocide. On February 5 and 6, 2022 the trials is set to be rolled out in The International Court in Hague. It can be followed live on multiple digital platforms. The lawsuits is against many welknown people/institutions/med. tech./politicians etc.


- a year ago  

Of course, for the people behind this false pandemic and the resultant mRNA shots, it has been an unmitigated success story because they got exactly what they were aiming for, which is an app on most people's phones for a digital identification pass. Given this, they may now be in a position of having a critical mass of the number of people with these apps on their phones required to introduce their central bank global digital currency, leading to a surveillance society and social credit system that exists in China right now. They also have huge numbers of people who will use these digital IDs blindly and ignorantly, not realizing that they are bringing about the destruction of western civilization as we know it. One has to wonder if this is why Boris Johnson and the government in the UK has agreed to end all mandates and restrictions.


- a year ago  

Oh, it's worst then that. Wait until the recipients start delivering babies.


- a year ago  

Good video,,tank you !.