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Russian hacker found a database showing vaxxed peoples info vital signs exact GPS coordinates

  - 6:48

Russian hacker found a database that shows vaccinated people's info, vital signs, exact GPS coordinates, whether they are sleeping or awake, being uploaded in real time Please Go to this link: you will hear the Russian hacker discussing the database of COVID “Jabee” info that was leaked to the Dark Web. He found the records in this database of people he knows and gives an example from a friend of his named Alex. The database tells you Alex’s Date of Birth, address, date he got the jab, the fact that he’s asleep at 3 am, and his GPS coordinates… (!!!) These people are already brain linked into mind control that they’re not consciously even aware of. You will hear the hacker discussing this in Russian while talking with a friend while seeing an English translation scrolled across the bottom of the screen. If the Russians are doing this, creating this database for recipients of the Sputnik jab, I am sure our Government and Other Governments are doing the same for recipients of the other jabs by other manufacturers. This is something the Illuminati have planned for many years. As the Russian hacker says at the end of the conversation at the link above “Better think 10x before getting this jab.” Also see this site which will put this into much deeper Context, this site proves that DARPA has been working for a long time to create a “BRAINLINK” so they can interface directly with our brains…. They’ve been doing this on an experimental basis for years already, I have been contacted by “T.I.s” (Targetted Individuals) who are under government mind control….many of them use sulfur for reasons discussed below… Now due to the nanobots in the jabs they’re creating antennas in people’s bodies so they can send messages directly to people’s brains, they’re already engaging in mass mind






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September 11th 2021  

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- half a year ago  

This is why they want to test you in AU, in order to shove Bill Gates, nano tracking device, complete with antenna up your nose, which is a cruder version of the jab, version, but with similar results.