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Meet the Toronto nurse who REFUSED a COVID test and quarantine

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Rebel News ►​ Andrew Chapados speaks to Jess Faraone, a nurse who was returning to Canada at Toronto's Pearson International Airport and refused a COVID test and quarantine upon her arrival back to the country following a volunteer trip to Tanzania, Africa. FULL REPORT from Andrew Chapados:​ Rebel News: Telling the other side of the story.​ for more great Rebel content. Subscribe to the "Rebel News Clips" channel on YouTube:​ Unlike almost all of our mainstream media competitors, Rebel News doesn’t receive any government funding. We rely on our generous audience to help keep us reporting. Please consider supporting Rebel News by making a donation, purchasing a RebelNews+ subscription, shopping in our online store, or any of the other methods below: ►Support our independent journalism -​ ►Sign up for our free emails and newsletters! -​ ►Donate in cryptocurrency -​ ►Make a donation through PayPal -​ ►Rebel News Plus - Become a Premium Content subscriber -​ ►BUY Rebel News gear -​ ►LISTEN to our FREE podcast -






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March 10th 2021  

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- a year ago  

A ssRNA is not a virus, it's a Flu at the most. There was never a Corona Virus, that was over in China. There is no sample of a virus in any other place in the world except Wuhan. They were hoping there would be a real pandemic but a tech in the lab busted the batch killing herself and 60,000 others. The virus was only effective for a few hours, and then the secondary infections jumped from one person to the next, all over the world.