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What NIKOLA TESLA tried to tell us but they covered it up

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September 20th 2022  

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- 4 days ago  

Love your videos man. Keep it up. Appreciated!


- a week ago  

In Christianity it's Me the Spirit, not "the Word"; that's a corruption of the evil one and his demons. The evil one and his demons cannot create anything, so the remaining claims in that first segment are based on false beliefs propagated by the evil one and his demons; all that they can do is counterfeit My perfect creations with fables and abominations. The reference he's claiming of the Australian Aborigines stating that beings broke through the surface of the earth is speaking about Satan that ancient serpent the red dragon whose dominion is the underworld below your feet in Sheol, Gehenna, and the Netherworld, the house of the dead - the fallen angels have a long history of leading the world to worship and pray to the name of a god who cannot heal and cannot Save. The evil one and his demons would not be dying off if they knew anything about genuine healing or Life Eternal! In this realm of this universe you did not come here to die. The prophecy of the Book of Daniel Chapter Eight was being fulfilled, the last king of Babylon has been quietly slaughtering many - everyone he pleased. The only consecrated land left in the world IS the Black Hills - the rest is cursed and the man of sin 666 the element carbon, and is predominantly comprised of the carcasses of the fallen angels - Satan was the ruler of this world of darkness that I have been subduing permanently to make way for the final resurrection and the return to the way of the Tree of Life; and there were A LOT of fallen angels engaged in hideous levels of sickness and depravity! There still is, but it's no longer the rule by serpents - it is the end of the serpents' rule. The Book of Daniel, Chapter 8. We allow evil for your holiness and righteousness so that you will go forward to becoming holy and righteous in all of your ways - you become the gold forged in fire. My Children were sent into the fire with the Light that purifies, that Light being Me the Holy Spirit. You were already baptized by the Blood of Our Lord Maran Eashoa M'Sheekhah the Nazarene when He Became the sacrificial Lamb of Allaha on your behalf, defeating Death in Victory! You are to become Children of the Holy Spirit anew. Once you understand the electromagnetic frequency ranges and that the damaging frequencies are drawn from below your feet, then their weaponry for weather manipulation begins to make more sense. Watch My video here for how this is best detailed through Scripture: Fireball in the sky over Ireland/UK September 2022 Thanks!


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- 2 weeks ago  

Do you have a link to the healing sounds?

Believe it

- 2 weeks ago  

No but you can try something like this