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Is this only time this vaxx pushing racist didnt stick up for a minority?

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January 26th 2022  

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- 4 months ago  

Lying pedo.!


- 4 months ago  

From a trucker. Facts that the media is not sharing: - The trucking convoy is NOT anti vaccination. It is anti government mandates. Many of us are vaccinated. We simply believe that every Canadian should be free to choose and face no discrimination or restrictions on their freedom due to their choice. - The Canadian Trucking Alliance is a spineless private organization that does not speak for us. - No more lockdowns. No forced vaccination (and yes, it IS force when you choose between a shot you don’t want and your ability to feed yourself.) - Truckers will NOT block emergency vehicles at any point, ever, and will even assist any person in need at any point in the convoy or protest. Safety plans are in place. Drivers have been briefed and signed documents at their respective checkpoints. - The money raised (now over $4,000,000) will be distributed following a a strict procedure. Drivers must register, check in with their respective road captains and submit receipts in order to be reimbursed. All remaining funds will be donated to a Veterans Association in Canada. There is a lawyer and accountant overseeing this. - This could be the single largest protest in Canadian history. People who oppose government mandates are not the tiny group that the media has tried to make us believe. We are significant in numbers, growing by the day and we will not back down. See you all on the flip side. God bless everyone who is fighting for our freedom and our futures.