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Pfizer VP and Virologist Dr Michael Yeadon on the Covid Lies

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July 23rd 2021  

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- a year ago  

Yet, the Democrats were using these inflated positive results to deceive Americans into believing we were being overwhelmed by Covid. It justified their draconian measures that shut down businesses, forced people to take the vaccine or lose their jobs and a host of other Big Brother measures.


- 2 years ago  

i wonder ......HOW do they KNOW which RNA / DNA sequence they have to look for, since no one seem to have a medical clean Sample of the Virus ?? or do they just look for the RNA / DNA that they fucked around with in those gain of function stuff ??


- 3 years ago  

Kary Mullins original PCR test [spoken about here] isn't the test being used for Sars-CoV2. Read:

Max Random

- 3 years ago  

Thank you Michael Yeadon! Hero against the 4th Reich of Gates, Sorros, Fauci,Rothchilds -Klaus schwab, and the other nazis seizing power.

King Nosmo

- 3 years ago  

PLEASE REVIEW YOUR TITLE - it reads at a glance like Michael Yeadon is a liar... (i.e. Michael Yeadon Lies)... presumably not what you intended ?


- 3 years ago  

I like to simplify virology and viruses. Two Ribosomes, one's a Chef and the other is the Oven. Waitresses deliver the meal which is made of protein. The recipes either come from the DNA for nourishment for the cell, or a mRNA Vaccine. All strands of RNA are recipes and if the Ribosome gets a hold of one it'll replicate the hell out of it until the cell explodes which is called "Sickness". These particles that break out of the destroyed cell are called Spike Proteins, that go flying out through your circulatory system. They then go everywhere ! And guess what ? They can go out of your lungs into another vaccinated person and wreak havoc on his body too !


- 3 years ago  

If they push that thing up so far that your nose bleeds then they have broken a natural barrier for the brain which you gave no consent for if you have given no consent to break this barrier could that be construed as rape.


- 3 years ago  

Damn right ! Especially if it involved Oral Sex !


- 3 years ago  

The 'Sheep' will continue to believe the Scripted News anchors instead of researching those who explain the facts and science. The experimental vaccine is what this all about...Sad.