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Real Dark Satanic Origins of Christmas, Santa Claus/Satan Clause and His Elves

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Real Dark Satanic Origins of Christmas, Santa Claus/Satan Clause and His Elves 🎄🎅Christmas Holiday is a Satanic Pagan Ritual.🎅🎄 🎄Santa = Satan = Deceiver 🎄Christmas = MAS = Masonic = Masonic creation 🎄Mas in Hebrew is like Master or forced labor/slavery/ controlling something. Christmas is the control of Christ. They control the real story/history/meaning/narrative/origin of Christ. 🎄Claus/Clause is a contract/treaty. Santa Claus means Satan Clause so a contract with Satan. 🎄Ho Ho Ho = 666 = Laughing at you and your kids being deceived. 🎄Bring your kids with a wishlist and give them to unknown old pedo men and put your kids on his knees represent a satanic child sacrifice to Satan/Moloch. 🎄Satan Clause is a false idol and a deceiver. It is clear in the Bible. It's an old creepy man attracting kids with gifts. 🤷 🎄Satan/Santa Claus Red/White image people know today has been created/designed by Coca-Cola in 1931. The Coca-Cola logo is red/white as well. Red for the fire during child sacrifice and rituals. 🎄12 days of Christmas dec. 25th to Jan. 5 with the 6th known as the 13th day or Christmas. These are also known to be the days of darkness as they are the darkest days of the year of winter in the northern hemisphere. 3+10 days of darkness. 🤷 🎄Judgment Day = dec. 25th = Satan/Santa Claus give kids what they deserve (wishlist) for Christmas if they were good/bad during the year. Satan/False prophet deceiver is judging kids. 🎄 Christmas trees: Since when it is good to kill nature or trees to hang them and watch them die? Satan/Santa is the first big lie every parent tells to their kids and continues lying for years. Since when it is good to lie? Since when in the Bible, it is good to lie to your own family and kids? We've all been lied to and deceived. The first BIG deception in life is learning that Santa/Satan Claus does not exist and that their parents lied to them since they are born. This is completely destroying/impacting negatively the trust






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