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Uploaded half a year ago  

December 27th 2021  

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Category: Technology & Science



- 4 months ago  

Hmm... the 'flash' looks very much like a photoshop add-on to me. That aside, I like the way that nobody did a damned thing to help that woman. They just moved away from her and watched her die. No ambulance call, no organised assistance, - nothing! I'm calling BS on this, it just looks like an epileptic fit.


- 4 months ago  

People should look into that truck hanging outside that nail salon. It took off right after that lady had her seizure

Voice of Reason

- half a year ago  

she is having an epileptic episode. I've seen this over and over in my sister growing up.


- half a year ago  

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- half a year ago  

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Gyri Sulcie

- half a year ago  

The woman is having an epileptic fit. Not a heart attack.


- half a year ago  

Have NOT owned a cell phone for over 10 years....


- half a year ago  

Well, everyone knows there's technology hidden beyond our reach of understanding, it's been going on. I was in China back in Nov. 2002, and I was amazed how intricate their technology was compared to ours; everyone had cell phones. Huge Flat Screen TV on the Side of a 6 floor building so you could watch Day Time Shows while shopping in Beijing. They didn't have facial recognition cameras back then but they did have modern railroads and trains. If that woman hit the floor like she did, you can bet the farm, 5G activated and did it to her.


- 4 months ago  

There was a movie called Kingsmen the secret service. And it was about Samual L Jackson inventing a microchip for free for every cell ph, and computer. and when the time was right could activate anyones cell phone to kill that person or make them do things they normally would not do. ( Control of the public) And now we see it unfolding with the Nanospike proteins being injected into humans. Control by 5G. Look at all the kids dying from heart attacks. Never in history has this happened.


- half a year ago  

I do agree with the statements of the only two previously posted comments (tmcom Terran) But ad this info to the Irishman that opend a "light fixture with 5G" and the chip said covid19, another chap said they were told not to open but one dropped so he opened to check (nothin wrong with saving your ass if you have the skill) and he reported the same thing. The Graphene will conduct electricity , it has been touted as a use in micro-computers, 5G radiation will provide the power...


- half a year ago  

This is what you call, grasping at straws, (the flash is an SMS message not a death, thing) and sure they are bluetoothed, and have a chip, showing health, etc, (which is pretty advanced) but it is a stretch of the imagination that they can flick a switch and do someone in.


- half a year ago  

Weirdly enough the flash was a "Double Tap" ... watch the slow mow.


- half a year ago  

pay attention to the victim here, they are using their cell phone while the charger is plugged in, if you read the operators manual it will tell you this lazy arse behavior can be deadly. Two claims needs to be proven here. Firstly that she was double vaxed and secondly, she has died as a result of whatever! not a disbeliever but tabloid news can give us the wrong ideas.