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The Viral Delusion Part 2 Monkey Business Polio Measles And How It All Began

  - 1:06:24

- Does 'Viruses' exists? (No) - Does all people have an 'immune system'? (no) - What is a 'Virus' and a 'Dis'-ease? - Do you have a 'Dis'-ease? - Do you take Pharmakeia 'Medicine'? (Plz Don't) - Do you trust the 'Science' alá Big Pharma? - Who has the 'liability' for all 'medicine' to the people? EPISODE ONE: Behind The Curtain of The Pandemic. The Pseudoscience of SARS-COV2. EPISODE TWO: Monkey Business. Polio, the Measles, and How It All Began… EPISODE THREE: The Mask of Death: Smallpox, The Plague and The Spanish Flu EPISODE FOUR: AIDS – The Deadly Deception EPISODE FIVE: Genetic Sequencing The Virus That Isn’t There 'At the end of times the merchants of the world will deceive the nations of the world throug their 'Pharmacia' - Rev 18:23 -- The Viral Delusion Part 2: How did it all begin? How could the scientific establishment have possibly gotten so big a story so wrong? Everyone knows the story of Polio... or do they? What from that story is actual history and what is medical marketing? How did a small branch of the scientific establishment come to convince the world polio was the result of a virus and not from environmental toxins? Learn what the actual experiments were upon which this theory was based - and how shockingly unconvincing they are. Discover too how the medical establishment’s efforts to squeeze the symptoms of polio into a virus model formed the very foundation of modern virology, and how that commercially successful model has steered modern science ever since, evidence be damned. Subscribe and Download:






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April 15th 2022  

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The Scotch-Irish Viking

- a month ago  

Pharma in Greek= Sorcery/Alchemy The Corporation of America has been practicing Sorcery on you!!! Your D.N.A. is contaminated and mutated now, and especially if you got the 'nano-bot' shot. You are now integrated into the N.W.O. A.I. anti christ. How are you gonna trust a notoriously lieing, murdering, Treasonist government? Wtf is wrong with ppl? Why don't ppl study any more. Get the fukk off the tyrannical freedom hating social media. Dump it all. Dump Google. Dump FaceCrook. Dump Twitter and WhatsApp. They are spying on you and recording everything you do. The only way to stop this machine is to stop throwing money at it. Do not approve ANY war. It is a sin to commit murder. There is no excuse! Wake up before you lose your life and your soul!!!