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Covid conditioning

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June 3rd 2021  

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- 4 months ago  

Thats ok let the fucking sheep die I just dont care anymore. I eat no garbage I drink no soda no dairy no bottled fucking water I eat no poison meat or wheat etc etc, So kill on. I have a hydroblue water filter cup works killer I feel much better using it. And I do not give any money to the criminals in our society. On the regular terestrial fm radio frys food stores are telling sheep dont forget all your jabs the flu jab the monkey pox jab the covid jab or boosters. It`s fucking disgusting. I callled the radio station and told them and they did not even care. They just saiud this is how we survive. Sad very sad!

Max Random

- half a year ago  

EMF radiation from smart screens are higher than an IPhone Tri Field meter - worth its weight in gold. 2 phones in a small room = microwave setting at defrost to your cells. Ethernet instead of wifi, airplane mode instead of wireless is one solution.


- half a year ago  

One wonders how far her Logos goes. That she even goes into a Walgreen's is telling. Wake the fuck up indeed.


- half a year ago  

Go girl, call me up , let’s dwell on this some more over a few drinks at my place


- half a year ago  

So dead on . Great video


- a year ago  

Love you xD


- 2 years ago  

I like all her videos, some more than others.


- 2 years ago  

whats her name and socials?


- 2 years ago  

So many people are now saying: " I got the vaccine because I just want to get my life back" These same people will be the ones who will demean and shame you in to getting the jab. Remember people: Just because you are weak and gullible, Don't try to bring others in to your self "righteous" world....You're "safe" now , so shut your pie hole!


- half a year ago  

Im hope all the sheeple die it will get rid of all the stupidity and Libtards in this world and the complying republican dummies. Sorry but the trth is what it is. No vaxine here all natural imunity


- 2 years ago  

Beautiful, to see an intelligent, free woman slap the sheep over the head. The sheep love their muzzles, and QR code.


- 2 years ago 😳💉🧬🤖🧠☠️😩 Dr. Leonard Horowitz video shows explosive secreted evidence from Fauci e-mails proving criminal complicity of top Deep State officials in COVID/AIDS mass murder. Fort Myers, FL; June 11, 2021–As Pfizer and Moderna companies filed to stop federal judges from granting “judicial notice” of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s consensus science on the lab virus origin of COVID-19 in Horowitz v. Pfizer, Moderna, et. al., and as international reports surface of the mRNA vaccines causing mounting deaths from heart disease, Host John Moore on Republic Broadcasting Network invites Dr. Horowitz to present explosive evidence from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s e-mails proving criminal complicity of top officials in the ‘Deep State’s’  ‘commercial scheme’ to cover-up science proving the AIDS virus was used to “hyper-weaponize” the “gain of function” action of the CoV/SARS/HIV pandemic. Urging criminal indictments based on substantial evidence necessary for convictions during a Nuremberg-like trial, Dr. Horowitz urges the “electric chair” for “flim-flam man” “psychopathic liar” Fauci and his co-conspirators in the “COVID Coup.” Viewers are urged to spread this video to bring truth to light for justice to prevail.


- 2 years ago  

My thoughts exactly, thanks.


- 2 years ago  

😂 so true. Preach on 😂


- 2 years ago  


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- 2 years ago  

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- 2 years ago  

Preach on!!!