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Architects of Order - The New World Order Illuminati Satanic Freemason Conspiracy (Parts 1 to 3)

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Uploaded a year ago  

July 7th 2021  

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- a year ago  

I love mystery and scary videos, but looking at a fraternity of Freemasonry is a joke. Do you really believe all Freemasons are unified like you think they are ? Keep in mind, they all pay dues to the Grand Lodge. Do you think they want to Rule the World or have it under their Control ? Do you think they'll destroy their livelihoods, Family and Occupations for a Fraternity ? Do you think they will allow others to do the same ? They believe in the Grand Architect of the Universe, and that's nothing short of believing in God and his son Jesus the Christ. People who are desirous of the Craft suffer all kinds of misinformation because that's how they find the true and honest person they believe will be cherished by the Craft. These are Family People. The Pope bestowed the responsibility of designing Washington D.C. to the honor of the United States, it's not some kind of plan to overthrow the World. Hitler was so paranoid he had over 13000 Freemasons killed during WWII. Priests and Sisters of the Catholic Church were killed too. Can you see how paranoia goes crazy ? Freemasonry is an Art, and we all enjoy all the nostalgia and artifacts we've developed over the many years. So, if you argue with a Freemason he'll throw you off with Lucifer and Satan 24/7 that'll drive you nuts. Just remember, he has a family at home and he has a reputation of honor to his community. And if your nice and humble, he'll help you along the way in life.

Are you a freemason?


- half a year ago  

I'm with ya on these rabbit holes Jeff. Whole bunch of nothing but a bunch of people laying things out before they build with great detail for the future that will follow, not our throw away society of today.. thats about it...

I'm only two minutes in and already this is a crazy documentary