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Musical Masker-aide Montage

  - 3:57

Just some cuts i came across talking that masquerade mischief with a slideshow of some memes & photos i've had in the 'ol rona repository.. if people still think it's a good idea to wear a mask against a so-called virus at this point in time, being September 1st 2021, they just haven't tried to think outside their small distorted boxes and head cages they've limited themselves to.. it's worse than mind control programming, stockholm syndrome & cognitive dissonance combined.. There's no power in someone behind a mask thinking it's protecting them over a non existing virus.. possibly there's some bio weapon out there, and i would suggest just eating healthy, detox occasionally, and have some researched remedies at your disposal- no masks or "vaccines needed," ever.. that's not medical advice, that's just friendly conscious advice, but then again, do what you feel's right for you, but don't support the mandates of compulsory wearing of masks, toxic injections, and the majority of the lockdown measures enforced on many populations around the world that have done so much damage to peopl.. that's the gov't claiming ownership over another's own body, which they have no right whatsoever to do.. Fuck this entire masquerade and the W.H.O. fauci ass horse it rode in on thru the bill gates of hell.. vaxx playlist (600 videos): 30 Mask Articles & Studies: Natural Law TRANSCRIPTS: Natural Law Playlist: AwakenYaMind (my conscious music mixes): Holistic Logistics: Mixcloud:






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September 19th 2021  

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