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The One Divisive Tool That Can Unite Us All

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Lady Justice standing firm between the 2 pillars of enlightenment, or the balanced masculine & Feminine Principles of consciousness. Akin to her is Maat and the justice card from the Tarot, which represent Natural Law and alignment to it and Truth. Basically, we're either in alignment or not regarding Truth Universal Laws & Moral Codes. Sounds simple enough, but aligning one's self to Natural Law is much easier said than done. I have compiled an extensive playlist of videos about it all: Much thanx & respect to Leslie Powers for her contribution to the content. This was a video project that was off-the-cuff, yet quite pre-contemplated for a long time. There's just so much to consider with words and swords, especially with the latter when used allegorically or metaphorically.. What Leslie speaks about regarding trauma and unsorted inner issues is very important for individuals in how they perceive reality, themselves and others, and also how they take in info, personal interactions, their interpretations of it, how they process it through their inner dialogue based off of their level of inner alchemy, overall life experiences, education, etc Regarding Dissolving The Divide... If you are new to our channel, content and what we're about, I recommend watching our introductory segment @dissolvingthedivide @lesliepowers3487 and I had an unintended extended break, or hiatus from our regularly scheduled discussions this summer. It's been complicated to find a good time, internet, stability and such from my end since moving back to France, working 7 days a week and shifting living situations a handful of times. But as the summer is cooling off, our planning is warming up with some great people in line to continue where we left off in exploring the array of issues that keeps humanity divided in order to find and share ways to resolve them.






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