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What Happened To The Rage Against The Machine Generation?

  - 25:15

I made this video while reminiscing about "rebel music" and what people are actually aligned to in real life.. haven't listened to music from Rage Against The Machine in a while, which showed in my blundering of their lyrics in the beginning.. i was never a huge fan of theirs who bought a ton of albums, but i appreciated the messages invoked in their music and the way it fires up that rebel spirit.. much love to them for all that.. From what I've heard they recently postponed their 2021 concert tour until spring next year.. Apparently there's gonna be entry for only "vaccinated" people, but a lot of these places let people in with a negative covid test.. all these rona regulations are utter fucking bullshit anyway since the emperor wears no corona in the first place.. i don't follow the group or know their political stances, but it's unfortunate a bunch of ignoramuses gave them flack for speaking out for Palestine.. but this video ain't about all that, it's just about the message in the music that many people forgot or discarded... It's about being a soveriegn individual and going against the currents of popular beliefs & practices if it's going the wrong way.. It's about non compliance to draconian orders/mandates that claim ownership over your body, which i what i was referring to when i said bending over in the video- which also works with people burying their heads in the sand in their ignorance towards the Truth.. Remember, I'm not your enemy and this is not some hate speech.. I'm trying to hold up a mirror & hold people accountable when they're living lies in this pseudo "woke" cult-ure.. Video credits: References: 30 Mask Articles & Studies: https:






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