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Living as Light as a Feather ☥of MA'AT☥ with Brandon Spencer

  - 2:13:29

I had to reach out to this brother who's been putting in massive great work on many subjects, philosophies, principles and truths that I align with.. We've both done some great projects on the sacred teachings of Maat and I wanted to hear his profound opinions and knowledge about all these things to apply in every day life so that one will pass thru the gates of Amenti with their heart passing the test of weighing less than Maa☥'s feather. I had a humbling déjà vu with him when I stumbled on a comment he left on one of my videos from years ago, so it was great to touch base with him even after we took part in a recent LIBERcast roundtable discussions.. so let the synchronicities continue! we'll be back on there again ;) You can connect to all of @Brandon Spencer 's work right here Direct link to his presentation titled Maat Vs Ishfet: Intro credits (in order) Manly P Hall Audiopharmacy Zion I Outro: Hypnotic Link to my music mix about Maat (which ain't on youtube unfortunately): a very brief list of notes subjects discussed on the show: There are 8 billion people breaking Natural Laws and as long as people continue to be broken within themselves, society will continue to reflect that (law of correspondence) what are we participating on a daily basis? our thoughts, emotions, food, media, news, friends, social media, etc attachments, addictions, feeling burdened, can't get things off your chest, how to un-align to isfet?? it takes shadow work, ridding skeletons in the closet, massive inner work, resolving inner conflicts, cease self inflicted harm alchemizing the weight of the city if you live in one and being able to be positive in the thick of it, on the front lines with the mass miasma how to take the weight of the world off your shoulder? Lighten up yo, haha PEACE






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September 24th 2022  

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