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Hip Hop Hermètica ~☥~ Sacred Principles & Visualz Revisited ((432))

  - 14:12

This is a Hermetically Sealed snippet session of over 70 hiphop cuts revisiting 7+ eternal laws of the universe.. I did a full length feature regarding this subject 5 years ago before i got divorced and had my life flip over its head several times up until this day actually, as I'm still not in a stable living situation and i'll have to continue moving around in between states & countries for the next few seasons, which throws off my work-rate towards projects like these, but c'est la vie.. I'm going to continue livestreaming on this channel certain mixes that are not viewable in youtube's standards.. Also bare in mind that I'm producing a great new show with insightful discussions every Sunday called Dissolving The Divide: We're going over this material again to reignite the appetite about these sciences of life and to motivate people to truly embody/activate these codes of consciousness.. This is also for the Natural Law community to motivate y'all to bring forth new ideas and forms of expressing these sacred principles.. We need to make this knowledge accessible to all ages.. and the youth aren't all that interested in listening to podcasts or lectures, let's be real.. Their attention spans are insanely limited and if we don't spark much interest in the first few seconds- shit, including the first glance of any title or thumbnail, then they'll probably swipe right past it.. it's not about playing into their game, but wielding our magic to traverse worlds & matrices in ways to attract their attention towards the wonders and empowering benefits of these spiritual truths.. Got Natural Law? word to Brandon Spencer and his huge playlist of videos that dwarfs mine of over a 100 videos: PEACE






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March 18th 2023  

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